Annual Sale/Party 2021

Celebrate 4 years and counting with DJ and Diane at the Mesa Bookstore.

Sunday April 25, 2021. We are going ahead with a socially distanced and safe Book sale at the Mesa Bookstore. We will be having a variety of activities: local author Joe Woodard will be signing his new book “Ladies Who Lunch.” Dj will be signing the second edition of his book “Nothing That is Ours.”

Music from Daniel Lower , Chucumite, and Bohemian Dreams.

There will be outside tables with hard backs and trade paper for $2.00

Mass Market for $1.00

Children’s outside will be 3 picture books for $5.00 and $1.00 for chapter books.

Genius Books and Media, who are publishing DJ’s next book, will be on hand with authors Chris Westphal and his new book “The Chronicles of Huttle” as well as Steven Booth with his book “The Orchard.”

We will have cookies and coffee for all. Sunday 4/25 from 11-6

1838 Cliff Dr Santa Barbara, 93109

Call for specific activity times, book store number is 805-966-3725, or just plan to come and enjoy the book hunt and some lively conversation with like minded folks.

Hope to see you there, Dj and Diane

What a Year its been!

Here at the Mesa Bookstore we have been working diligently to ensure that our customers and friends are safe. We have strict enforcement of mask protocols, as well as cleaning each and every book that is purchased in the store prior to leaving the building.

Our inventory continues to be expansive and interesting. Children’s readers are a big seller. Many kids are becoming tired of the computer and other screen engagements, and are willing to read a book as never before. Adults continue to enjoy the fiction and thrillers that we have on hand in large numbers, with varied authors and titles.

Our rare and obscure titles have been a constant interest to those for whom acquiring those odd books are a fun and fascinating past time.

Please feel free to call and inquire about titles, or better yet, come in, say hello and let’s talk books.

Hello to the Season!

It has been one strange year for the Mesa Bookstore, as well as for all of you readers. We want to update you on our current status. WE ARE OPEN. You must wear a mask, and only two customers in the store at a time please. We are open, regular hours, 11-6 seven days per week. We will close on Thanksgiving and Christmas. Please stop by and give us a look for all your holiday shopping. Old beautiful books make a perfect present for almost anyone. Or, think card with a Gift Certificate inside!

We look forward to seeing you, stay healthy and make your holidays happy.

Best wishes,

The Mesa Bookstore

Inspiration and Adventure


FRIENDS AND READERS EVERYWHERE……Due to growing concerns about the virus and our need to be resonsible community members we are closing our doors to WALK IN CUSTOMERS. DJ AND I LIVE VERY CLOSE. PLEASE CALL US FOR PERSONAL SERVICE FOR YOUR READING NEEDS.

Home number 805-966-3652 10am-12noon for afternoon delivery. 2-4pm for next day morning delivery.

If we have what you want, we will deliver your books and take payment over the phone.

If you want a general selection or a variety of titles we will do our best to curate an interesting assortment.

Obviously we are not accepting any donations at this time.

Thank you for your patronage and understanding.

Diane, DJ and Nancy The Mesa Bookstore


Dear Friends and Readers. We know during this stressful time that reading is one of the best “escapes” you can have. Please come in and stock up on some favorite authors and some new ones to explore. We have hand sanitizer and wipes, so the books are clean and our surfaces are disinfected after each customer. We have a lovely bench outside if you wish to wait until the store is empty to come in. We really are so small only 3 people fit anyway, but we are doing our best to follow best practices. We are keeping our same hours currently. We will post if we need to close anytime soon. Stay healthy and keep your mind active.

For those of you with kids at home, our kids section has many many titles, and its a good way to offset the TV allure. As always thanks from the Mesa Bookstore.